SCIC was created out of a love for swimwear, adventure and beach culture by founder, blogger and designer Sofia Grau. Hailing from Argentina and having lived in Asia, Europe and the US, her love of travel and culture are deeply instilled in the brand's DNA.

From her time living in Thailand to travelling through the Greek islands and the exotic jungles of South America, her travel experiences have played a huge role in wanting to create swimwear for the woman who loves to explore and satisfy her nomad spirit. Finding that the most important item in her suitcase was always a great bikini, she embarked on a journey to create swimwear for women that are always looking for new beach styles that are feminine, timeless and beautiful.

From island hopping to relaxing by the sandy shores of an exotic beach resort, our styles can easily fit into any beach destination. SCIC is made for the modern, confident woman who can spend endless hours by the sea and is always seeking the sun!